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Read with your Kids Answered

Hey this is Brett. I have something that's extremely important for you to know. You need to READ with your KIDS! You need to do it regularly! You need to do it at the same time each day! It's been proven that kids who are read to by a parent can read better, earlier! In this day and age far too many kids are dropped off at a daycare and plopped in front of a TV set. I remember the good old days, growing up on the farm. As a four year old I remember settling down with Mom in front of our wood-burning stove. I would stare at the dancing flames as Mom would read "Dick and Jane" to me. The older children would do something constructive like a jigsaw puzzle or draw pictures at the kitchen table. Dad would sit off to one side of the room and carve us some small animal figures out of walnut. Thinking back to those days really brings back those feelings of warmth and security. It tears my heart out to think about my grandchildren and what they might have to look back on. Instead of the glow of a cheery fire and the safety of Mom's lap. They might look back and only remember the cold glow of the computer screen and the uncaring embrace of a beanbag chair. Once again, Please. Please read to your children. This really works! Books on tape just don't cut it. I read to my own children every night from the books they picked out. They've grown up now and are starting their own families. I hope that they'll think back to their nights with Dad and pass on this tradition of reading to their kids. Thanks, Brett.


I read to my baby sister sometimes - when I have time :-). Yes I agree, a nice story is relaxing.

haha I read this as "babysitter" and was thinking.. "Aren't you kind of old to have a babysitter??"

XD, yeah, that would be slightly awkward and disturbing.


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Start by reading something of interest with them

I agree with the other parents. Reading with your child is one of the most satisfying worthwhile things you can do. Teaching your child to read and love reading is a gift that they will have their entire lives (and hopefully pass on to their children).

We try to read at least 20 minutes every day.

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I'll tell ya, as a parent, the best feeling to have is a little kid that just fell asleep next to you squeezed in the easy chair, snoring and drooling...  No matter how tired or stressed from work,  the day would turn out great as soon as I came home.  My daughter would jump up and down to ask me to read to her.  Sure, it was the same stories over and over and many times she fell asleep before it was finished. 

Well, that plan may have worked too well.  Today, her personal library takes up shelves on almost every room in the house, there is "book litter" strewn about, and find it hard to resist buying more "bargain price" books.  On long trips, I do not have to worry about charging up or powering all the games, ipods, and dvd players when all you need are a few good books. 

So yeah, read to your children.

I was always punished by having my books taken away. 

The horrors...

Do tell...

The first consultation is free.  Afterwards, we charge by the hour...

Yep.  Right now my daughter (just turned two!) has three separate book "shelves", and there are always some scattered around the living room and her play area.  She gets at least half a dozen books more every week from the library, and can ask for her favorites by name/description ("the yellow book" is National Geographic :-).

Whenever we take a car ride or a trip, it's much more important to have a bag of books with us than it is to have toys.

I whole heartedly agree. It's not only the reading, it's the atmosphere of books in the house and the idea that books are a great thing to look at and enjoy. My grandaughter used to fall asleep with several books on the bed. One of my fondest memories.

Hear, hear! What I wrote below (in reply to Caitln's Dad) is still true. My now two-and-a-half year old daughter wants a book when she gets up in the morning (before or after a Curious George from the DVR :-), books before her nap, and books before bed. She will often sit down and "read" one of her three shelves' worth of books to herself, or set up stuffed animals and "read" to them.

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