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Reading Captcha Answered

Hey folks,

I'm a grey beard (maybe that's the problem ;-) who has been involved with the web since the early days and I thoroughly understand what the use of captcha is trying to achieve but I just spent 2 minutes refreshing the captcha until I could read one and submit my private message.




Is it just me, or are Captcha's getting harder to read ? I can get about 1 in 4 these days on the first try. It used to be 1:1

The machines are getting better at what is essentially mechanical?
It'll come down to showing pictures of people and giving a choice of "hot", "not" or "maybe", machines / 'bots will find that harder if you blend m/f images for example.


You may need new glasses. Then again, OCR software used by spammers is probably getting more advanced. The captchas are now distorting and mushing the characters closer together even beyond human recognition.

I have sadly reached the age of wisdom, where I need two pairs of glasses....


He he, I may even change my sig ! Close to a self portrait....

He's called "professor Branestawm" - he stars in a lot of books.

I know. I was a big fan when I was a kid.
I just tried using it as my avatar, but it kept getting cropped at the top and bottom.


Crapcha... I paid for a subs', but I found that I've "earned" probably 5x that much subs' by posting content.
So post something great.


You could always turn pro...