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 *sigh* lets see, a wii contest. How many people already own a wii for themselves. A lot! Wiifit...please, stop playing video games and get out more child! 







When you emphasize everything, nothing is emphasized.  And you end up looking either absent-minded or ignorant (or maybe 1337, which is really the same thing).

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FYI, the WII is now being featured in a lot of physical and ocupational therapy routines for rehab from any number of injuries/surguries. from stroke rehab (hand eye coordination) to hip replacement rehab (easy to get your heart rate up a bit without worrying about your new hip popping out of socket)

I know of health-professionals who structure exercise with Wii, as such it's not an inappropriate prize.


This was exactly our thought - it's a fun prize that can be used as an exercise and mobility aid for people of all ages and ability levels.  Wii games turn out to be extremely popular amongst the elderly who can no longer participate in the sports they used to love, but enjoy the excuse to use their bodies as much as possible.  As you say, it's often part of a physical therapy / low intensity exercise regimen.

Yes, NHS-prescribed physio'.


Good morning (or evening) Gentlemen!

Well, I want to say what I think about this. I'm from Bogotá, Colombia (no, we're not the country you see in movies. Bogotá is a beautiful city and we don't have chickens running down the streets, explotions in every place and donkeys in every cantina. Bogotá is a city like yours), and I have friends with Wii, and friends with another console. And friends without any console, because they are expensive!

But that is not my point, but this: I don't know of another webpage or company that makes contests for DIYs almost every week (like Instructables.com), and get the sponsorship for the prizes. The others I knew just said "Oh, very beautiful! Keep the good job, blablablabla!". Or make big contests every year, with only two or three prizes, but you have to pay for enter the contest.

But Instructables make the effort of make contests and get the prizes, and they don't charge us a cent (or a peso, in my case) for doing this. It's almost free!! You only have to show your talent and take the time for make an instructable, and if you're good enough, you get a PRO membership and it will continue free.

I want to thank Instructables, because, for the this time, I have to opportunity of sharing my work with you, with the world, with people equal or more smart than I, and thanks to the work of Instructables, I have good prizes (could be a book or could be a netbook, but for me, the best is the pride to wear the Robot T-shirt).

And I enter today to see what's new, and I find you discussing because you don't like the prize of the new contest, and is a great Nintendo Wii? C'MON! Could be a Playstation 3,  X-BOX 360, and it will be a great prize. I don't have one, but if I could, it will be great, no matters it's healthy or not. It's a good, very good prize. And If you don't like it, you can sell it, o gift it, or hack it for a new instructable. I don't know. But you have the almost free opportunity of share your creativity with the world and win a prize, and maybe, make something great that could bring hope to somebody.

I don't know if I will enter the contest. The only idea I have is to make a prosthetic hand, but I guess it will be the first idea of almost all the people. But I know something: I'm a big fan of the Instructable's cause, and I will try to make the best for keep this opportunity of show my work to the world, no matter if the prize is a brand new car o "just" the Robot T-shirt. And, If you think your idea is so great and a Nintendo Wii is a poor prize for you, then don't make the Instructable, patent your invention and get rich. It's no problem for me, and equal I will admire your idea. But, for end this, in Colombia we have a saying: "A caballo regalado no se le mira el colmillo" (You should not watch the tusk of a gift horse).

Excuse me for the long (and maybe not nice) comment.

Thank you!  I hope you saw that most of the responses in this topic disagreed with the original author.  Yours is probably the best response of all.

The English/American saying is "don't look a gift horse in the mouth"

400 A.D. "This proverb is based on the fact that a horse's value is determined by his age, which, in turn, can be roughly determined by an examination of his teeth. The message conveyed is that a gift should be appreciated for the thought and spirit behind it, not according to its value. St. Jerome, who never accepted payment for his writings, first used the phrase in reply to his literary critics. His exact words: "Never inspect the teeth of a gift horse."

You learn something new here everyday...

Thank you Caitlin! And that's my point.

And I ask you all for some help: I'm triying to improve my English. So, if you look I made an orthographic or grammatical mystake, please, feel free of tell me. And if you could do it like Caitlin (with the refference), GREAT!!!

For example, in my answuer I fall in two mistakes: is not "more smart people" but "smarte people", and when I was saying "for the this time", I did wwant to say "for the first time"

I learn something new today...

I think that free stuff is awesome. I think that if you are only interested in the prize then you may be missing the point of both the contest content and the joy of making ibles. Come on, just have fun and say thanks!

Fungus Amungus, I'm excited. Thanks for your work.

We chose the Wii and Wii Fit as the prizes because we needed to give something away that would promote fitness and could be delivered pretty much anywhere. In terms of an item with the widest possibilities and openness to users, the Wii is a great item. We had to combine them because you can't just assume everyone has a Wii.

Personally, I don't know very many people who own a Wii. In fact, I can think of only a couple of people who do, although I admit they are popular.

The biggest downside? You win a Wii and you give it to a friend who would put it to good use. Doesn't sound so bad to me.

I think they could have stretched to a treadmill, come on they're a Fortune 100 company...?


Shipping a treadmill? No way! Besides, you're going to have issues with any type of exercise equipment you're going to give someone. Especially treadmills which often turn into massive coathangers.

Hmm, shipping yes, I was thinking of those pictures of Instructables HQ.


I don't own a wii, I know plenty of people that don't own them, usually for some console snob reason though...

OK wii fit isn't exactly traditional exercise but it promotes thinking about your health a bit and I'd imagine following the wii fit thing religiously would improve health by making your shame gland entirely useless, making you happier eventually...

Wii fit is pretty fun too though :P We got my sisters cat to play it once... 

I am only good at wii boxing and bowling... I haven't got the patience for anything else. Oh and the frisbee one I like the frisbee one... 

I hate wii boxing, I'm so bad at it and I just kinda wave my arms around in an attempt to make it somehow work.
There's a frisbee one? 

Yeah, I played it at my mates house on xmas, it's good fun and pretty easy, even my mum got the hang of it, after we reminded her how to throw a real frisbee... 

 I guess you are commenting in regards to the Health by design contest.  

1. I do not own a wii.  Everyone else I know has one.
2. I agree with you that one should put the video game down and just go outside for a walk.
3.  It may have been more appropriate for a Healthcare sponsor to maybe give out a free checkup or a membership to a gym or exercise equipment but I guess a Wii comes close to a tool used to promote activity as they do have some games to simulate regular activity.  It is up to you if you use it wisely. It seems that's the most incentive or involvement you will get from a big corporate sponsor.

Best thing for you to do is to put up an instructable for the contest and win that Wii!  That'll show em.

"stop playing video games and get out more child" are you suggesting procreation as an alternative to video games?

Well not to break the "be nice policy" here but if it bothers you that much just don't enter the contest.

Or do enter the contest and give the wii away if you should win it.

And I kinda think your barking up the wrong tree here. This is a site for DIY'ers. Yes many of us play videogames and enjoy that but that doesn't mean everybody owns a wii. And about getting outside, I never met a person who said "I own a wiifit so I don't need to go outside anymore!". Those people who stay inside and play on their wiifit would have stayed inside otherwise playing another game, now atleast they are getting an exercise out of it.

I run 5 kilometers 2 times a week but I would be happy with a wiifit. Not so I can stay inside but that I can snowboard with it or play other cool games while still keeping to my trainingschedule.

 I understand that you are very active and may you be rewarded for that, and yes I am a DIY'er so to say. Again, not to break the "be nice" policy, is snowboarding on a wii fit really part of your training schedule. And when I was referring to everyone having a wii, I was not pointing out people who have one but a majority of the audience does. 

I hope this reply had helped and I hope I did not offend you. 

No ofcourse not as I was saying snowboarding on the wiifit is part of my gametime. Perhaps I didn't explain clear enough. My apologies.

I'm curious how you know that a majority of the 20,000+ Instructables users own a Wii?  I have no idea whether you are right or wrong, because I don't have any data.  If you've got demographic data to support what you say, I would be very interested in learning about it.


8 years ago

I am delighted that they're doing an adaptive technology contest.  There's a whole lot of ingenuity out there that would be quite helpful if channeled in the right direction.

I had a general engineering class as part of an undergraduate degree that had a student project to design some kind of adaptive device to help disabled folks.  At least a couple of marketable ideas came out of that course over the years, I'm told.

If Wii gaming systems are what is going to get people designing more adaptive technology and coming up with more adaptive hacks, then bring on the Wii!