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Rear Wheel RC Steering? Answered

Ok, so before I actually get to my question let me explain what I am doing.

I have a traxxas rustler, I wan't to put 4 wheel steering on it, and I wan't it to be very stable.  I know how I am going to set up the steering, but I need help with the electronics of it.  The stock reciever has a channel 1 output (to ESC) two channel 2's (for two servos) a channel three, and a channel 4. 
I wan't this car to be able to switch one of the servo's from inverted to not inverted using channel three which is the output of a two position switch.  Is there a way to do this without mechanically connecting the whole fancy layout seen below?


Unless you are willing to do something "mechanical" on the receiver end the only way to do what you want is to change to a computer transmitter. Using a computer transmitter you can assign servo direction and switch assignment using a menu.

I have looked into the computer transmitters, but what I have found is that you can only output one channel from one control (I couldn't just run the car like normal and make the steering wheel also on channel three). I may be mistaken though, can you output channel 2 and 3 from one control on the remote, then use a switch to invert channel 3.

With the right transmitter you can. I didn't do cars though, I did R/C airplanes. With my transmitter you could reprogram several switches/controls etc. to which ever servo/direction/speed etc. Lots of airplanes have 8-10 servos or more and you can create very complicated setups with them.

Ok, thanks, those remotes are expensive enough I will just stick to my mechanical plan though probably. Or, I could get a plane controller and use the two sticks to control the front and rear wheels for fully custom steering combinations.