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Recently aquired a BIG capacitor Answered

I need some ideas to use this capacitor for. the ratings are 120,000 MFD @ 25 VDC
Thank you.


120,000 millifarad?

120 farad?

That's an ideal replacement for rechargeable batteries in solar-power devices.

(Are you sure it's 25V, and not 2.5V?)

MFD stands for microfarads, nit milifarads

The symbol for "micro" is μ ("mu"), sometimes written as "u". So, "microFarads" is μF ("uF").

No mfd is 100 percent for sure uf or microfarad, check the first paragraph on this wiki:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motor_capacitor and i also think that he really means 25v not 2.5v


Reply 5 months ago

You are correct, Mallory makes .12F @ 25V for $20...

o.12 F = 120,000 uF highly unlikely to be 25 volts..

More likely 2.5v ...

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