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Recommendations on Python GUI tools Answered

Heya everybody;

Just got permanently done with schoolin', and now that I have free time again I'd like to start making some slicker interfaces for some of the open-source design tools out there (for PCB design, CAD, FEA). I know its an ambitious project; but its a long-term goal. Tried a couple different programming languages, and so far Python seems like the most flexible and powerful. Figure I should start messing around with GUI libraries. So the question:

Which of the myriad options would you recommend for GUI creation from Python? The end result I am going for is something along the lines of the computer screens in "Iron Man" series, preferably with support for vector graphics. Example of the desired style shown below. Suggestions/advice?

Also, anyone interested in collaborating on this, let me know!


Also: if your looking for an IDE to write code in go for either Komoddo if your serious and can shell out $330 or go with geany if you want a free IDE. Both good and easy to use, especially if you an exclusive python programmer.

I am also a python programmer, and am on kind of the same track as you, trying to find a good gui creator. (Actually im looking for a good IDE to do it in, but kind of the same thing)

Two of my personal favorites are:

PyQt - http://wiki.python.org/moin/PyQt

WxPython - http://wiki.python.org/moin/WxPython

They will both do it, PyQt is a little more used in my opinion and i find it easier and the gui for it looks a little bit better.

They are both crossovers from C++ applications, but they work just fine.

If your looking for a way to package it go with py2exe.

I should probably specify; I have found that list before, but was overwhelmed by how many choices there are. What I was hoping for was a more specific recommendation based on what I am hoping to do with it, i.e. a completely custom interaction environment with my own custom menu, buttons, etc. elements. Till further notice wxPython seems pretty learnable, but may not do what I want it to for the end product.

I just use Notepad++ or a similar "enhanced" notepad for python, although I've used wx_python and don't *dislike it. (that's a plus 1 for mwrenfro)

best wishes.