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Record Ball Threatens to Crush You Answered

It's a huge ball of warped records. OK, so there's not much on detail here, but just check out the picture.



lol all that equates to one cd !!

those are a thing of the past, nowadays, blue-ray! they hold 25, 50, and 400GB!

according to my favorite online encyclopedia!

HDDVD's are still the technology to stick by I am afraid. Funny, they are trying to bring back vinyl records LOL

that's impossible! you can't un-invent things

I read a Tech article that claimed Blu-ray was dead. Go figure, eh?

I thought I read that in ZDNet just before my operation...granted, things could have turned around while I was hospitalized....

No, just couldn't sit up for long periods of time, I was still trying to get all that fluid out of my lungs (ask Nacho, that has to be one of the worst things one has to do during recovery).

I remember all the chest drains that my sister had when she was ill. Not nice.

And that stupid but life saving breathing exercise thing....it REALLY does work, but it is such as chore to use 3-5 times a day :-)

Indeed.....still it is NOT pleasant while going through it all...

Ok, I have been corrected.....found the article on ZDNet that I referenced, and then later when they reversed that thought and declared Blu-ray the successor.

Being nostalgic isn't uninventing things....look at all the tube amplifier enthusiasts there are :-)

Actually, i would bet to get all the fidelity digitized from that ball, you'd need more cd's than there are records...

a hard drive then, or blue ray cd

Dvd,blu ray, and cd's are all different...

Even HD-DVD's are just different enough....

Sorry but something compelled me to say it but it's not blue ray cd it's Blu-ray Disk

not with all the compression technology. it probably wouldn't all fit on 1 but it would be a lot less cd's then records

Is it just me, or is this going to set the world record for being the most bizarre thing I've ever seen?

(Doesn't mean it's not cool)

. Pretty neat, but, gee, I hate to see so many LPs destroyed. Life marches on.

Hopefully just a lot of Beach Boys LPs.. :D

2 words... BUY IPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My colleague just suggested i make one, and use it to ride to work in!


9 years ago

A bit more information. Work of art longplay records in a big ball. Place University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle/Saale Germany

na na, nanananananana, nananananana..... How disturbing.

two words... PARTY SHUFFLE!!!


9 years ago

Is this the guy that Make magazine did a small story on a while ago? Becuase there was a guy who mad orbs out of stuff.

Curious: What's with the pipes?

Maybe the pipes are to provide venting, being black it would absorb lots of heat.. Wouldn't want a huge vinyl puddle. Or so the hamsters have a way in and out of the worlds largest darkest hamster ball lol.

My wife uses the vinyl to make Candy dishes out of them. :-)

Wow! That is huge! Is there one made out of CD's and/or DVD's?