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Recumbent Riders? Answered

Just curious if anyone else here rides a 'bent. I've just been getting more and more excited as I continue looking for my own :) I'm currently in the market and have test rode a Bacchetta Strada, Volae (something or other), Rans Rocket and a no name unknown import SWB. I'm also waiting to hear back about a partially built M5 frame (think "sports car" class of 'bents). And don't forget my homebuilt abomination :D Today I rode a no name something or other found on Craigs List... In my home town too! It's not exactly what I'm looking for (it's too recreational for me), but almost exactly perfect for my father. It's got absolutely garbage components, but I see potential in it. It is, however, a dog on weight - ~40 pounds. But that's not an issue because there's no hills :D The seat is also a POS, so never mind the makeshift seat back made from bike inner tubes. <--- totally awesome by the way. But I think with a new seat, some cable management, better handlebar/stem and at the very least - new shifters -- it will be fun, reliable and a more road worthy 'bent. The price was right for this thing too :p Cheaper than an upright from walmart :D


My dad seems to make one or two recumbant bikes a year. Just loves 'em.

once i get more settled and finish a few projects you shall see something all together different from a 'bent the design has six wheels to give hints, one rider and should be capable of massive speeds aswell as being impossible to hurt yourself on (or really easy to hurt yourself on and scarier than most prisons rollercoaster [imade them up but who cares]) I'll keep that one updated...


10 years ago

dad had made one from old bikes and steel tubing, but it lay around for a long time, mainly because he was the only one who was the right length/skill. Then when it was brought back to life I was the right height so I learnt how to ride it, they are so awesome! .

Sadly it ran aground about 1.5 years ago, it's R.I.P. at some scrap yard. =)