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Recycle old spring horse into rocking horse....is bracing needed or what? Answered

The childs weight and energy on a spring horse is spread out by the springs. I want to put wooden rockers on a spring horse and remove the springs etc. Would the horse collapse under the child ? How would I brace up the inside of the horse ? How would I attach the hollow plastic feet to the wooden rocker? I have cut off the mane and tail to put in a real horse mane and tail so I do have limited access to the inside of the horse. I have thought to line the inside with bondo /fibreglass and maybe fill the feet but I do not like that it is a not a green product and could off gas harmful components etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated. These spring horses were on the way to the dump so I was given them for free and wish to do something really neat with them. I have some glass elk eyes to insert and wish to make a leather saddle and bridle. Fun Times! Thanks for any help.


The body of the horse will not support the weight on the legs. The rocker rails will have to be attached to the horse in the same manner the springs where, on a rod that passes through the holes in the side of the body.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried to come up with a good way to support the horse and may try your idea on one of the test horses. I have some lovely turned wood pieces from a stair railing that would look great on the outside of the horse where the springs were.

I just found the perfect answer to my questions by Van Web instructables who made exactly the rocking horse I was wanting to do. His horse was missing legs and ears while mine are in much better shape so I should be able to do it! What a terrific source of information....thanks to you all!
I will tweak all your info a bit to better suit....what a great way to learn.


might help

Thanks for telling me about your lovely site! I am very impressed and have gotten a lot of ideas. I have carved a smaller wooden rocking horse similar to yours many years ago. My hands are no longer as strong as they once were so I decided to try to re purpose one of the old spring horses....the carving is already done! ha ha ha
My next project may just be to build a horse similar to yours. Thanks again.

:-) Thanks

I have the drawings for a simpler horse with a flat body - My Father made me one when I was about 7

The drawing is laid out on a 4 foot x 4 foot bit of 18 mm plywood.


In order to create some strength and attach the legs to rockers, you'll have to fill the cavity with something solid. If you can access a substantial amount of sawdust, you could mix it with wood glue and a little water to fill the entire cavity - essentially what you'd be making is a large amount of wood filler. To each leg you could also add some solid wood. Once its dried, it'll be rather strong and you shouldn't have too much trouble attaching the legs to the rockers. Most lumber stores have a cutting area and I'm sure they'd be happy to give you the sawdust... Just bring a big garbage bag. :-)

That is a super idea! You are the second person to suggest using sawdust and wood glue....I am sure I can get sawdust....just need to find a good deal on a couple gallons of wood glue! I could possibly slide some 1"x1" wood down the legs and pack the wood filler around . Lots of ideas to work with.....good thing I have "spare" horses to practise on.