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Redecorating My Home Answered

Anybody have any good ideas for home decor, redecorating? Just moved into a new apartment, really bland white walls, old kitchen, etc. Want to redo, get a more personalized, hip, modern feel. Thinking of redoing the walls first, trying to find a really cool unique look. I have some cool artwork of my own, want to integrate that all into the design somehow... If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, products you like, etc. please let me know! Need all the ideas I can get...


For redecorating your home, I can suggest you some decorative stuffs like hanging paper lanterns on ceiling, LED lights, flower vases, floral wreath on the door, art dolls place on the surface of tables etc.

For more better ideas, I'm posting here several pics. So plz have a look at them.


Thats hard with out pictures, but glass tiles look great on walls in a random pattern (( a pain in the rear to do but the end results are worth it ))

Mirrors mounted just off the wall with no visible supports and LED edge lighting looks killer, especially if you have slow color changing led lighting, and all the wiring is inside the walls.. (( wires hanging around, just look tacky ))

Stainless steel sheets, bushed look cool on walls (( it's a pain to work with and cut, but it will last forever, real thin gauges are not that bad though... ))

In the kitchen cupboards, glass with random pattern's frosted on it and LED uplighting looks neat... Cement counter tops with fossils / glass pressed into them are cool... (( there is a great ible on these counter tops HERE ))

But we need pictures ... because you say old kitchen, is that 1970's old or 1930's old (( you can work wonders with some older sinks and taps, even light fixtures ))

And products I like are any FSC approved wood, my router, my router table, Freud bit's and blades, my table saw and my imagination .... (( and Lee Valley for specialty hard to find hardware, new and old styles ))

Leather furniture...metal cabinets...trying to brainstorm here...

Thanks for your input so far guys! I like the idea of some funky light displays... especially maybe some focused on my pictures (like the IKEA mini spotlights). I checked out Juicywalls too, really cool company! Thinking now of wallpapering my bedroom and my bathroom with some of my own photos... maybe some black and white flower photos for the bathroom? Need different lighting in there too, it's really harsh and florescent and white right now...

If any of your artwork is framed or small sculptures try incorporating a wide chairrail or ledge around the whole room. That way you can display all of your work and change it as needed. The artwork just rests on the ledge so you don't hang it up. The picture "rail" can be at any height. Incorporate wainscoting, panelwork, painted faux panels to define segments for each display if desired. IKEA mini spotlights to add drama to your artwork.

get a more personalized...feel

This will be difficult to advise on :-)

What "style" is your artwork ?

Hows about some funky light features, I had a few crazy ideas for using EL wire and a tonne for the LED strip I bought to get a feel for what my plans are...

Try Juicywalls.com for your walls. They make custom designed wallpaper and canvas prints. They have an application that lets you upload your own artwork, then order wallpaper or prints. There's also a huge picture databank with other cool designs. Prices are in Euros, but if you're on a budget it's still pretty cheap. Just give them the measurements you need, and everything's done online. Pretty cool stuff, really helped me to jazz up my boring old apartment.