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Redirect to Submit page Answered

Every time I click on a link in the email newsletter, it first takes me to the correct page, and then automatically redirects to "www.instructables.com/about/submit.jsp". It's really annoying because I have to copy/paste the link for it to work. The redirect also happens sometimes when I click the "Next" button on any instructable.


And if this makes things easier, simply sending us what you get from :


Would be good enough to identify Browser/OS version. Thanks!

It's probably worth clearing your browser's cache and cookies as a first step. More detailed debugging, if you're up for it, follows.


I haven't been able to see what you're both seeing so far, even when I set my user agent to exactly what you have.

This could mean the problem lies elsewhere, perhaps in some of our cookie-management code.

Since you're using chrome, it's easy to try an "incognito" window. Can I ask to see the results of a quick test?

1) Open a fresh incognito window ( ctrl / cmd + shift + N)
2) Navigate to Google
3) Search for an Instructable you know
4) Click through to Instructables.
*5) Observe: have you been redirected?
6) Log in
7) Google-search for a new Instructable
8) Click through
*9) Observe: have you been redirected?
10) Log out
11) Search for a third Instructable in Google
12) Click through
*13) Observe: have you been redirected?

If Steps 5, 9, and 13 all come back clean, I would suggest clearing your cache and cookies to see if that fixes the problem long-term. If one of those shows you the redirect we'll have to keep fishing -- I just did exactly this test with your user agent, and did not see a redirect to /about/submit.jsp.

(Nudge - have you seen Steve's latest comment?)

If I follow a link from a newsletter like this:


...then any Instructables I view redirect to the submit page, instantly, after the Instructable main page appears, despite me being logged in, and also refuses to show me in all-steps.

If I click on my usual entry link

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and search for the same Ibles, then the system works fine.

I have flushed cache and cookies.

What's your browser / OS / version combination? It sounds like this happens every time you click a newsletter link, right? We'll see if we can reproduce the issue and fix it. Thanks!

It happens whenever I get directed to the site from a newsletter or a search engine. It also refuses to see I am a.) Pro and b.) prefer "All-steps". When I click "all-steps" I get the bloody redirect again.

I'm using the latest Chrome (32 bit) on Windows 10 (64 bit)

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36