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Reduce speed of an RC motor? Answered

I took apart a RC helicopter and stripped everything so its just the motor operated by remote. I plan on attaching a camera to the end if the motor and my goal is to make a pan/rotate base mount thing. However even on the slowest speed (lowest on the throttle) the motor spins way to fast. Is there anyway to control the speed or slow it down? Please Help



2 years ago

I think servo motors would be more practical. Sure, you can use these basic brushed inrunners with a gearbox, and a lot of mechanical construction, but it is probably not economical solution, and a very difficult one nonetheless. The cheapest micro servos are usually like $3 each depending where and how many you buy. The micro servos will probably have enough torque if the camera's center of gravity is in line with the rotational axes of the pan/tilt. Here is one on amazon that has mounting designed for a small lightweight cameras: http://smile.amazon.com/ZITRADES-Original-Aircraft...

Higher end camera gimbals generally use large, wide gimbal motors, which are special types of brushless 3 phase DC motors. This is probably cheapest version of such a device using proper gimbal motors: http://smile.amazon.com/Andoer-Brushless-Camera-Co...

What camera do you plan to put on there. These motors don't have a lot of torque and probably won't be able to move a camera. To slow it down and give you more torque you'll want to gear it down. Even then it probably won't have enough power to move anything more than that small helo.

Run the motor output shaft against a bigger wheel with a rubber tyre on it.