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Reducing cow burping 'is key to tackling climate change' Answered

Argentine scientists are taking a novel approach to studying global warming - strapping plastic tanks to the backs of cows to collect their burps .



they get de cows farts not burps! look where the toob is going!

LOL!!! If I had that thing on me I would pop it.


10 years ago

Great. Now cow-tippers are going to start carrying lighters, maybe even win a few darwin awards? I suggested this ages ago (along with something similar for dogs to make poop scoops redundant).. but it's good to see them actually doing something about it. Now, how to power a biogas plant with cow tanks...

There are already quite a few FOAFtales about people being killed when they are trying to treat a gassy cow in a dark barn, and flick their lighter to check proceedings, just as the cow finally lets go...

Not this post, but what the scientists are doing to the cows.