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Reducing the stitch? Answered

do you always stitch to reduce or donyou stitch into stitch and pearl into pearl?

Also find then knitting was really tight towards end of project is this typical or did I miss something?

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-04-12

If you're advanced enough to ask that question, you may want to purl into purl stitches, as it will create more uniformity at the crown (but for this first hat either way is fine). =D

If you find that your knitting is tight upon decreasing, you should deliberately loosen the decreasing stitch right after you create it. It's also common for tension to change (tighter or looser) when changing to DPNs from circular needles. The only remedy is more practice, more hats!

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Peter_56 (author)bekathwia2017-04-12

thankyou so much for your responses. I am rapidly developing the knitting hands of my grandmother. Looking forward to starting on mitten.

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