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Referral/GTP sites Answered

Before anyone freaks out and starts screaming SPAM (lol) I am not posting links to my account on a referral site. To be honest I find it extremely annoying when people do.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with referral/GTP (get paid to) site.  Basically they pay you to complete surveys and basically buy your personal information, and you earn more money for getting other people to join under you. I started using one called FusionCash and got through a few offers by using bs information. Then I realized that they have a minimum payout of 25$ (they wont send you a check or paypal until you have 25$ in your account on their site), 15$ of which must be from completing "offers", on top of this your account on their website resets itself every 90 day (should have read the fine print, lol) I found this system kinda fishy and utterly ridiculous.

Then I started looking into other sites. I found CashLagoon which has no minimum payout and works through paypal as well as check (win!). The other site I found was CashCrate which pays you by check in mail but has a minimum payout of 10$.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations about which sites to use and if there are any legitimate ones that are worth my time.


;-) Dan


i have one were i made 80 bucks its freecashmoneygifts.com the owners are nice to. min cash payout is 5$ by paypal

Neobux is good

I found that site also, it seems legit (but also only 4 cents a day, and I'm to lazy to get referrals lol)

Right now I'm experimenting with an auto clicker on some other bux sites (havn't been banned...yet) I'll post if it is successful

The one legitimate place for that I know of is Amazon's Mechanical Turk.  But you should probably ask yourself, "How little is my time worth?"  You aren't going to make much money from the effort, though you might become a Turkish millionaire.  Ha!

I think you'd make more money gambling on an arbitrage model (look that up). These referral sites are a bit like sniffing-glue, you grow up and realise there's better things to do...