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Refreshing for every Lesson Answered

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Ok, this happened to me on the lastest Google Chrome version on a WINDOWS 10. ..And an Amazon Kindle Fire's Silk browser!

The following captures/page were:




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mmmelroy (author)2017-05-22

this has been observed as a connectivity issue on the client side. i have to throttle my browser down to nearly dialup speeds to reproduce. and we don't have an easy fix to deploy. I suggest if your experiencing this regularly to let the page cully finish loading before you start to browser the page, even scrolling. the class pages are rich with large format images, and this can really wreck havock if it's trying to load all the images for you while still loading things like the page session to know if your a logged in user etc.

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Bantman (author)mmmelroy2017-05-22

Ok, but assuming that.. if i let the page for 'an infinite time' to give it time for finish loading.. would happen the same. My friend, that is not the problem.. i let the page cully finish loading, everthing its ok except the bug! Trust me.

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