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Regarding bristle-bots.? Answered

All the bristle-bots I have seen thus far have used offset, rotating masses to generate the vibration. I have just acquired a motor with a vibrating linear output. What direction should I point the motion for the most efficient bristle-bot? Front-to-back, or up-and-down?



8 years ago

i do not think it maters but i could be wrong

i would put them back to back at an angle

definitely up and down because the forward movement is caused by the angled bristles being pushed down and then as they push back to their original position the whole bot is sprung forward.


8 years ago

 Somewhat unrelated, who did the first Bristle-Bot? I remamber seeing one on Make a while ago, and it was in the 5 min DIY section of November's Pop Sci, and there are a couple Instructables. Regardless, it still it really cool!

There is a surprisingly vehement debate over who invented the bristlebot.

My opinion is that it was independently invented several times.

 Hmm, that would make sense, like domestication and what not, in isolated pockets based off the vibrobot.

Well, EvilMadScientist Was inspired by Make which then inspired make, as well as TheSpeakerGuy , which, in turn, Make linked to. Huh. 

Also, i realized that I haven't been helpful at all, so, here's my opinion:

I would assume Top to bottom ( As in, it rotates on a vertical axis as compared to teh rast of the BristleBot), becasue it puts th motion behind the slanting bristles, where the weight wants to go anyway. 

I hope that I neutralized my non--help! (Or Helped...)


8 years ago

when i made my bristle bot i used front to bck and i used a vibrating motor from a game controller i dont know if its a linear output but i put it front to back it moved very well i actually used it to clean a frying pan just for S@#$ and giggles once again i dont know if those motors r linear but if u find out they r i guess you got your answer so couldnt be mroe help and good luck with the ible

I would tend to think angled in the desired direction of travel. That way it will bounce the thing up a bit to get the bristles up, and will nudge it forward. If you mounted it on a hinge of some sort, you could play with directions until you found an ideal angle.

cor, where did you get that variant from ? Not seen them. Picture ? Thanks !

Pictures will have to wait until the Instructable.

What do you mean? "Front-to-back, or up-and-down?" But you should put it side ways so it will push itself

Front-to-back being back and forth in the direction of movement.

Oh ok well you should put it at a angle so will it cause it to jump a tiny bit and it might move


8 years ago

Up and down. Definitely. That way, the weight going up will cause it to jump a tiny bit, and thus provide a way for the bristles to move it forward.