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Rejoice! No more K' nex! - Greasemonkey Script - Now with Allsteps! - v1.0.0.0 Answered

I am currently focused on BUGS! Please, please, tell me about any little bug you might come across! Thanks!

First, there was the Allsteps fixer...
Then, there was human-readable URLS...
Now... there aren't k'nex!

Thanks to NachoMahma for hosting the scripts!

Changelog: - Version one - now there's an instructable - Added tooltip, better update message, fixed one spot of "x" - Fixed Cookie Problem - Unblocking page: https://www.instructables.com/block - Integrated Allsteps script - Works without ill effect on every page - Notifies user for update
( skipped for tasteful purposes) - Works with older versions of GM by using cookies if need be - Safe for /forum* - Improved blocking, more default blacklist items - Ability to individually block items - Added whitelist - Changed the color to a light orange, it looks more visually pleasing, IMO - Changelog started

Download it here!

If you don't have greasemonkey... Click "Download Greasemonkey"

If you are more pro-knex, then just use this script. It does not get version updates anymore.

If you see any thing weird, please tell me!

The script is fairly well commented, and it is fairly decent in terms of coding practices. With comments, its exactly 200 lines!


*sigh* something went wrong on my machine....this doesn't work anymore....*sigh*

Not hate, just disinterested....it gets in the way of what I am interested in :-)

ok. at least you use this and dont put nasty comments about them like steveloution (sorry about spelling)

When someone professes to "know something" as he does, but only has disseminating, and purblind remarks to make about others, they can normally be ignored as inconsequential. I have nothing against others playing with Knex, I am just more of an electro-mechanical kind of guy |:-)

it is anoying and hard to ignore because he gives negative rating to the instructables. even if they are cool like my knex AK-47. btw, i like electronics to. thats why i like fichertecnik. they combine electronics with peaces that you can build things with.(i am making a rubix cube solver out of fichertecnik. it is going to be my nex instructable. :)

I know it is hard to ignore those without moral fiber, but the last thing we need to do is stoop the that level, and return fire.

true, very true. i should send him a pm saying he need to get more fiber in his diet. lol

Nah, no need to stir up sleepers if all they want to do is be a pita.

Yes it is, which makes it a bit of a pun. There is also an acronym using the same letters in slang: Pain In The 455 ;-) <div id="refHTML"> </div>

Ahh that'd make sense. Explenations are just so... explanatory, makes things that much easier to understand.

By the way, brb getting pita.

Ok, I thought it has stopped working, but I hadn't. It just is not functioning (yet) from IE 7 on my machine

Well, the one that does the segmenting of the posts works in IE as well as Flock and FireFox, but this one seems to hicup with MSIE 7 *shrug* Might be my machine setup too. No worries, I rarely need to use IE anyway

I'm sure you have over 9000 subscribers by now!

No, he just has 9. I haz moar than him. =P

i just noticed a big flaw. but the flaw can not be fixed because this thing blocks everything with knex in the name. this forum has knex in the name. so if this works corectely then it should block the forum topic. so you cant get the updates if you use the first verson.

Yep! Theres now a whitelist, and I believe I put in a thing to prevent this from being blocked, even if you have a blank whitelist. Even if its blocked, and you have a version with auto-update, it will still work.

yea. I put that so you could fix it. even if I like knex I like this because it gives people no reason to put comments saying something is dumb because it is made of knex.

I'm glad you feel that way, I have a similar feeling; I don't mind knex, but I do mind guns.

yea even most of the knex gun builders hate the block triger knex guns. we made a list and there is more then 70.

Interesting... *wonders what a block trigger is*

ok with knex gun there are two main types of triggers, true triggers(real trigger) and block triggers. there are a lot of block triggers. block triggers you have to push down. true triggers you pull like a real trigger. true triggers are harder to make so they have a lot of block triggers.

Okay! There's a page to unblock items!

Again, no more features until bugs are fixed! So let me know! We're getting dangerously close to the V1 release!

And just to clarify, the auto-updater only works of this forum topic is on the page you're viewing. (except this page, or orangeboards)

You need the script, then it will turn the 404 into an unblocking page ;-)

Do you have the latest version?
What pages does it run on? Make sure it runs on https://www.instructables.com/*

If you aren't sure, just uninstall and reinstall the script. All your blocked data should not be erased.

Well the version I'm running is the latest update, but it doesn't run on instructables.com/*, so that may be the problem.

Yeah, so if it runs there, it will work. You can either uninstall/reinstall, or just let it run there.

> Hmm... check your about:config, are there multiple strings? If you had to uninstall, it might use a different string when you re-install. . Yes. There are now two strings. I could not delete them but was able to set their values to null and that seems to work now. . . The X has disappeared from the thread pages (eg, this one). . Auto-update didn't work when going to, but clicking on the link above did.

>Good! >Good! >Hmm... it probably just wasn't on the page. It just works to see if my thread is on the page, then it just compares version numbers

> . The X has disappeared from the thread pages (eg, this one). > >Good! . For me, that is not good. I liked it. I just thought you needed a little space between the X and "says:". I'd prefer the lack of space to no X at all. . > It just works to see if my thread is on the page . I noticed that and thought it a bit odd (but not a big deal). I'd think you would want to trigger an update when they open this thread.

Blocking posts would get way to complicated. I didn't mean for it to show up :P I don't think that blocking every post by a user (which I assume it does) would be a good idea, because you wouldn't be able to see what they said, at all, and they could change, or have that 1 insightful post.

. Since it just collapsed the post (still showed the author), I didn't consider blacklisting users a problem. If a response looks like the blocked user might have said something useful (useful stuff is nearly always followed by an objection or amen), I can always disable the script and reload the page. . You're doing me a favor, so I ain't bitchin' - just friendly suggestions. And there are only 2-3 ppl I would blacklist, so it's not that big of a deal. And I still have a copy of if I _have_ to have that feature. And I can always just spend the 3-4 hours it would take to re-learn JS and edit your script (but you're doing such a good job, and seem to enjoy it, that I haven't bothered). And ...

If you want to keep it, there's a comment "Make sure its not a name", or something similar, there's 1 line in an if statement. Comment out the contents of the if statement, if you want.

. OK. Thanks! I think I can handle commenting out one line of code. I'll holler if I run into problems. ;) . . I noticed the lack of comments in the first few versions, but as long as I wasn't having to do the programming, I wasn't going to say anything. heehee . . Now if I could just get you to use DOS newlines .....

How bad is the newlines problem... like, when you try to view it, is it really all 1 line? I'll add them in. Comment-wise, I suck :P I never write comments, for some reason, unless I'm going to hand it over to someone else, and even then I do it when I'm done. I know its bad... but... sorry! :P I tried to put them in places where its not-so-obvious to non-JS experts, and then, of course, at the top, where anyone could be editing.

> How bad is the newlines problem
. It was more of a good-natured jab at someone that uses that "other " OS. ;)
. I imagine most word processors will handle the task automatically. Wouldn't be surprised if Word/OpenOffice will handle it transparently. Just been too lazy to use Open With..., and I figured if I could get you to do it on your end ... heehee OK. I just opened in WordPad and didn't even get a warning dialog. It opened it up and displayed it properly with no prompting from me. I'll just change the default editor to WordPad. Tah Dahhhhhh!
. Yep. In Notepad it's one long line with squares where the CRs (LFs?) are.
> Comment-wise, I suck
. LOL Welcome to the club. When I was programming, I finally bit myself in the butt enough times that I forced myself to use more comments, but it was always a chore to me. I was cleaning up ("re-arranging junk" might be a better description) a few years back and ran across parts of the BASIC/6502 assembler that I wrote for a billing program in the early '80s - comment-wise, I suck.
. I refuse to do flow charting. :)
. I tried commenting out the line in the "Make sure its not a name" IF, but that made _all_ the Xs disappear.
. But all I did was search for "name", inserted the "proper" newlines and comment tag in that section, and saved. I don't think mixing newlines would bother the interpreter, but maybe it does.
. Not that big of a deal to me so please don't worry about it. I noticed that the one person I had blacklisted is still getting collapsed, so if someone pisses me off bad enough to get /ignore'd, I can just load an earlier version, blacklist 'em, and then reload the current version.

Anyway, sorry about that. Instead of commenting out the contents of the IF. Just comment out the if statement and its bracket. or just move the contents out of the statement.

The Allsteps script is now integrated.

I'm also looking for bugs. The only feature I'm going to add before version is the editing of manually blocked things.

So if you see any thing weird, please tell me!

. I'm likin' it! I haven't tried out Allsteps, but that's a nice addition. And I was already running that script, anyway. I'll turn off the Allsteps script and report back. . The only "bug" (undocumented feature would probably be a better way to put it) I see is that the page reloads after blacklisting a topic (by clicking on the X). I suppose some (most?) ppl prefer it that way. ;) And the are-you-sure? dialog is annoying, but w/o a blacklist editor, is probably desirable to most users. . I just d/l'd 9.2.0 and had a hard time getting GM to load the new script. Tried uninstalling and restarting, but every time I've clicked the link above, it has loaded the old version. I finally, FTPd it to my HDD and installed from there. That's something weird, but I don't think it has anything to do with your script. . Keep up the good work!

One of the problems is I fixed the namespace, so it might not install over it, but there might have been some cache issues. Its not really an "are you sure", its just, confirmation. I used it while debugging, and I thought it helped. And yes, the page reloading is to "hide" the ible/topic. By the time it loads, it'd be impossible to get the node back. I'm working on the blacklist editor, and its the first time where I've run into errors. Scripts that use cookies behave slightly different than those with the GM API, because you have to filter all the data out of document.cookie. I've also had some problems of multiple cookies.

> so it might not install over it . I thought about that, which is why I uninstalled and even did a restart. The cache sounds more likely to me. Still don't think the script is the problem, but don't know enough about what's going on to be sure. . > I'm working on the blacklist editor . I think it's pretty valuable just the way it is. If I have to edit the list manually, I'll still be happy. For the price, it's kinda hard to complain. ;) . . On the thread pages (eg, this one). the X is butted up against "says:". I didn't notice it for a while and when I did see it, I thought it was a site typo for a second. . How hard would it be to add a "click to blacklist title/author" tooltip to the X? I think it would give the script a more "polished" look but may amount to feature bloat.

Can you take a screenshot of that X button problem, I'm not sure what you're talking about...

Its hard to add an item to a right-click menu. Right now, you just go to https://www.instructables.com/block , and it sets up a page with all the blocked titles, you click on them to unblock.

. I think I can explain it. If this doesn't make sense, I'll do a screenshot. . At the top of this msg, starting from the left, there is my pic, then my nick, then your X, and then "says:" With the date over on the righthand side. . It actually reads "xsays", as there is no space between the X and "says:" It doesn't affect the functionality, just a cosmetic blemish. . . Looks like I'm batting 0.000 for 'splaining stuff. The tooltip I'm talking about is the yellow box that pops up when you mouseOver an object. Just something to tell users what it is. . . Auto-update seems to work OK. It would be nice if the dialog box that pops up contained the script name. I had to think about it before I hit OK as I wasn't real sure what was going to be updated. If you hadn't mentioned adding that feature, I probably would have canceled.