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Reliant Robin Space Shuttle! Answered

I've never heard of it, but apparently BBC makes a Mythbuster-esque show called Top Gear.
Anyways someone sent me a video of them turning a Reliant Robin (that funky 3 wheeled car) into a working Space Shuttle. Funny as heck, thought ya'll might enjoy it.
Original vid: (won't let me imbed)


Flight video:


it looks fake... what kind of tv program would make something that expensive, and tedious to build?

It's absolutely real. These are the same people who launched a Mini down a ski jump with rockets. Have a look at the links I posted Oct 24th.

It's a classic.

Top Gear used to be a boring road-test show, then the BBC refused to give the presenters a massive pay rise.

The presenters all quit, and took the whole format, lock stock and barrel, to Channel Five, expecting to carry on their success.

So, the Beeb hired three loons, re-formatted the show to a studio-based format. Now, "Fifth Gear" is fading away on Channel Five, and Top Gear has a waiting list for studio tickets measured in decades.

No other UK show has that kind of popularity. It's a car review series, but it sells on DVD, has books, games, the whole nine yards.

oh, cool... then what do rockets have to do with cars though?

Very little. But then, these people also made a convertible out of a people-mover, built DIY amphibious cars (and drove/sailed one to France), and drove through American red-neck country in a car covered in painted signs that proclaimed the joys of man-love...

Top Gear has become one of the BBC's most successful programmes, so they get the bigger budget to do the bigger, sillier things. The drove HGVs through portacabins, water bottles and a brick wall last night. In my personal opinion, it's become a bit far flung from the car review show it used to be. I personally don't care about the handling of the new Porsche GT2, but I do like to know how to reduce my servicing costs, so I watch Fifth Gear for that. One of the best things Top Gear did several years ago was to build as effective a James Bond car as they could for £100. It was brilliant.

holy... could you send me a link to that episode for james bond?


From the first series of the new format before James May replaced Jason Dawe.

Incidently, probably the closest UK version of Mythbusters is Brainiac: Science Abuse, which is less scientific about it's processes, but blows more stuff up (which was also hosted by Richard Hammond, and now Vic Reeves).

Roll-in-the-aisles funny is what it was. It reduced me to helpless tears of joy.

Bookmarked for sometime when I do not have to either go to bed or do schoolwork.

so next summer...

They got shot at.

That same episode, they were challenged to eat only roadkill.

They found a cow, and when they strapped it to the roof of a car, it leaked juices all over the seats, which rotted and stank for the rest of the journey.

At the end of the journey, in New Orleans, they were supposed to sell their cars (the whole point was to prove you could have a driving holiday without the expense of renting). They saw the mess the city was in, so they donated their cars to a charity helping families who had lost everything.

An hour later, one of the families tried to sue them because the car they were given, for free, wasn't the exact model they had been promised.

Only in America?

Good grief... Way to go making us look okay...

Probably just NY, LA, New Orleans etc... Big cities

It's not really Mythbuster-esque, it's supposed to be a standard motoring show with car reviews etc.. but recently they've been doing more and more stupid things like this.

For some reason the video is no longer available.

Bloody Brilliant! Let us compare this to suck American fare as Smashlabs, and die larfing. No that's not a typo. ;-)