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Religious Restrictions... Answered

Gah! Just as I knew EXACTLY what type of cake to bake, it occurred to me that it was passover.... and I'm not allowed to bake any cakes because it's passover... Sigh - the limits that religion puts on its observers.....


Ha! Like baking a cake over Lent ;]

But now Lent's over... hmm...

I think Cheeseburger, as Martha Stewart would say, "not a good thing," for Passover or not under Kosher Law. It has something to do with mixing the mother's milk and the meat from the same animal it came from.

Kosher Kitteh not can has cheeseburger.  :(

Ceiling Cat - or kitteh(s) writing Old Testament book (at least purportedly) on behalf of Ceiling Cat - say something to the effect of "Thou shalt not seethe the calf in the mother's milk."

(Entirely Unkosher Gentile Kitty thinks this sounds like it might be a really tasty recipe; but then, cats can be like that. :)

Indeed, the law was written to teach a lesson, and not because anything was wrong physically with mixing a mother in her own milk in a meal; it also speaks of not taking a mother bird with her young (eggs), although some of the eggs would be ok, if you take both, you could eventually make the animal extinct. Just as the eye for an eye rule was specifically to keep one from harming a pregnant mother AND her unborn child. They all leaned towards thinking about mother and child, and how you relate to them   IMHO

Yeah, and so is passover!

I was going to try to make a muffin cake =P

Flagged, again. Religious mockery has absolutely no place here.

what's passover?

It's when those of the Jewish faith celebrate the Angel of Death passing over the homes of the slaves in Egypt and only taking the first-born of the Egyptian families. The Jews marked their homes with the blood of sacrificed lambs (around the door frame?), so that the Angel of Death knew to pass over their home.

(Have I got that near enough, T3h-Muffinator?)

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Kinda corny, but watch The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston. A classic in its own way but still a way to understand and learn about Jewish culture and tradition.

Mhmm! That's why it's called Passover, but in hebrew it's pronounced Pesach - named after the Paschal Lamb's blood that was used to make the door posts.

im not sure what ur saying is right :)

pesach in hebrew comes from "lifsoach", which means to "skip", which is what god did with the jews homes.

I remember learning that from the RugRats.... I think they got locked in the attic...

OOH! I just realized you colored your avatar! I like =)

For those not familiar with Pesach or those with only a cursory knowledge of it and would like to know more about it, Judaism 101 is a treasure trove of knowledge. ( Link to Judaism 101 - Holidays )