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Remote Gokart Answered

I have been thinking about electrics latley and building an electric gokart type vehicle.
PROBLEM: I want it to pick me up from the bus stoop when I get home
SOLUTION:?? audrino controlled servos with a map programed into it with sensors to sense things infront and behind??IDK
I have a friend that can "kindof" program C or C++
All I want it to do is drive out of my yard, make a sharp right turn then travel about a block and a half, make a sharp left turn then travel about two hundred feet.
Basic question: Is this possible?



8 years ago

Possible? Yes.
Easy?  Oh my, no.
Legal? Almost certainly not.

The attempt to create truly autonomous vehicles is worth millions of dollars.  It's an incredibly difficult task.  Making it follow a simple route is easier, but still very difficult and much more prone to failure.

If you're committed to an electric vehicle like this, why not build an electric bike and, as lemonie suggests, invest in a good padlock to leave it at the bus stop?

Why not just leave it at the bus-stop? If you think it's going to get nicked, it will, either way.
Use your legs dude...


LOL, yea but im LAZY.
Well no I really want to build an electric "vehicle" but other than going from the bus stop home I have no other reason to build it.....