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Remote motion-sensitive alert light Answered

I've searched these forums and found some similar threads but nothing specifically like what I'm trying to do. First, I am NOT very DIY savvy. I'm a computer tech and can build a PC from components, but I'm not a drilling, wiring, woodworking type. What I'm trying to make is a small remote motion-sensitive light so that when the motion sensor trips, a small under-cabinet style LED light will come on or just flash a couple of times. I want to be alerted when someone comes to the front door, even if they don't knock. USPS for instance leave packages without knocking and I may not know anything's there until I happen to go outside an hour or two later. Would rather get an immediate notice that someone is there without the expense of a CCTV setup. Any help or guidance on components would be appreciated. Battery powered is fine, and preferably something wireless if possible so I don't need to put holes in my walls. Thanks!

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lemonie (author)2009-08-08

You can buy security-lights that work on this principle. What you want is of course a motion sensor switch. As it's just a switch, all you need to do is mount it and wire it in. You'd probably be best buying one rather than trying to make one from scratch.


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