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Remove Haze off Clear Gameboy Plastic Screen? Answered

This is a Gameboy Light Plastic Screen and i'm wondering if it's possible to remove the haze in the picture off the plastic? 
Anyone have any ideas?


Thanx, guys- this board gave me some ideas on what to try to repair the hazy eye on a vinyl doll I have before I just give up and buy a new set of eyes.

I would just go to lowes or home depot and buy a sheet of acrylic. Cut it to size, remove the old plastic and hot glue the new

Brasso works well on buffing out clear plastic. That looks like more than haze though. That looks like the plastic was chemically or thermally damaged in the center. That probably wont come out because the plastic is damaged all the way thru.

I had a plastic monitor screen that was badly scratched and I tried the polishing method but it didn't seem to make the screen much better. Then my boss walked up and sprayed some WD-40 on it and wiped it down. It wasn't PERFECT but it was MUCH BETTER and usable. I recommend trying this as a last resort if the other methods (recommended by others) do not work.

You need to get rid of the current damage by using some kind of abrasive. I would use the type of wet and dry paper you use to rub car bodywork down after a repair.

You will need several grades starting coarse to get rid of the serious damage and then getting finer and finer.

Eventually at the finest you will have a flat screen but it will still be hazy - very fine scratches.

At this point you go on to metal polish which is just a very fine abrasive. This should;/will bring your screen up to a bright smooth shine.

It takes time - As your fingers are not flat or hard I suggest you put the wet and dry paper on the bench and rub the plastic over it rather than use the abrasive in your hand.


Any suggestions as to what grit of sand paper i should start with?

Try 800 grit if its that bad. It looked polishable to me, then 1500 grit if you can get it.

It looks like this now. I'll try polishing it again before using sandpaper.


u can do that without breaking it

I've removed haze and light scratches from a number of handheld devices using Semichrome metal polish. Works like a charm.

You will need to spend time on this, it's going to be very fiddly (finicky). It's not going to be cheap either if you want a professional job. The best thing is to go to an auto spare parts shop and use the polishing compounds that are available from coarse to fine. If you are lucky you might find that a panel beater might do it for you for free or a drink!

new screen covers are cheap from ebay your one looks like it has had some chemical spilt on it, nail polish remover maybe?


Replacement Screen Covers is not an option. Note Game Boy Light. Not pocket. I would rather just buy a cover then replace it if it was possible.

looking at wikipedia, they say the light is 'slightly' bigger -- but that's only in outer dimensions. all the original game-boys have the same size screen. Given how cheap the replacement parts are online, I'd try picking one up. It just won't say 'light' on it any more.

I recently bought the Game Boy Pocket and i received it today. Measured the screen lenses and both of them are of different sizes.

I'm with steve on this one - polishing kit;

You can get a kit designed to take the haze out of headlight plastic (it's the same polycarbonate generally) --

work very slow, very gentle, and long time, eventually it will wear nice and smooth again. I remember our high school shop class had a buffing wheel that was just cotton and polish compound. It could make anything glowing shiny smooth.

When you say kit, i assume it's like a meguiar's clear plastic cleaner or plastx? I'm new to all these so i'm not too sure.

check automotive stores or ebay for 'headlight scratch repair kit' and it will have various polish, sandpaper (might not need the first sandpaper step), cloths, and sometimes a drill accessory to buff the final polish step.

Yep. +1. You can accelrate things a little with the 'ol dremel tool.


Try polishing it with Brasso metal polish, or toothpaste.

I tried that. Toothpaste didn't seem to do anything to it.

How did you apply it ? It will take quite a long time to get anywhere with it. Metal polish is faster, but not many people have it immediately around.

Ah. Okay. I'll go try it again. Sometimes you just think that applying it for a shortwhile will do.

You don't APPLY it, you POLISH it, by scrubbing in little circular motions !

Yeah, my bad. I just polished it for about 5minutes with toothpaste and the haze is still there now with even more added haze. ._.

Applied with a dampened soft cloth ? Keep it damp too, or it will scratch.

Okay. I'll try that again with a microfiber cloth and report back. It did seem to smoothen the plastic though.

It smoothens the plastic till it's almost gone. I can live with this but now there are a lot of fine scratches. Is it possible to remove those?

For the really fine scratches you'll need to get a polishing cloth used to remove scratches from eyeglasses. They work really well.