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Remove Vinyl Flooring Answered

What's the best way of removing vinyl flooring to put tile down? Namely, the glue?

Any chemical removers?


Glue is designed to stick. You're probably going to need scraping or abrasion. However, aggressive paint-stripper may shift it. "Don't-breath-the-fumes" dichloromethane / methanol, or "Don't-let-let-it-touch-you" caustic-soda perhaps.


If  using the sander,   don't breath the dust, either.... :-) 

I wouldn't try a sander on glue, it's probably not hard enough.


yeah, if it isn't very old that is the case for sure......I have seem it brittle like glass though...if it is old enough.

I came across this problem some years ago, when helping a friend.

The solution proved to be to rip up as much of the vinyl as possible, scrape off the rest, then hire a large power sander to deal with the glue.

vinyl flooring is designed to be as non permeable as possible so chemical strippers would have to break down the vinyl before it would even touch the glue...which would take a while and would probably require chemicals that you don't actually want inside your house.

tried and true method is to get some floor scrapers (big metal handle with a sort of sharp flat blade on the end) and use a bunch of elbow grease to just muscle the stuff up, then you can use the same scrapers to chip the glue up off the subfloor, or you can rent a floor sander to get the glue up faster.