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Removing Aphids? Answered

My indoor Mint garden has aphids!!!

I pulled 10 -20 off (all I could find) but I'm sure there are more!  Also, I am worried that Ladybugs would die because it is a small plant (pot is 6x18 inches)  and indoors.  Furthermore, it is winter and freezes so the mint will die outside.

How can I kill the aphids but still be able to use the mint?


I've got the same problem with my chili peppers, stevia, hops, caraway and passion flower. I've had moderate success with applying (repeatedly) water with a few drops of dish soap first and then applying diatomaceous earth as well as using the sticky yellow paper traps. I tried removing them physically at first but that's not really possible... If you find anything better, please post, I'd love to know.

The problem has subsided now. I eventually eliminated them by pulling off the ones that I saw.

they are now nowhere to be found, so I guess I caught the invasion early enough.

thank you very much for the ideas!