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Removing Humbucker Covers Answered

I have an ebony Epiphone Les Paul that's a couple of years old and I'm considering taking the pickup covers of of the humbuckers just so it looks different from all of the stock Les Pauls. How would I do that? I recently built my own electric guitar and I'm still in that mode where I want to customize my instruments. So far my Les Paul is completely stock. Also, if anyone else has any ideas of things I can do to customize it, I'm open to ideas. Thanks!

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gmoon (author)2008-01-17

This link on changing the bar magnet in humbuckers has info on removing the cover.

Re: customization -- how 'bout wiring mods? There are several Les Paul and other two humbucker mods here. You can find a lot more if you look around.

Typically, you'd replace one (or more) of the POTs with a POT/push-pull switch combo, so you won't need to drill new holes.

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saxman42 (author)gmoon2008-01-17

I would like the idea of rewiring my Les Paul, but I love the sound of it and I don't want to change it. I was just thinking of purely cosmetic changes.

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