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Removing Watermarks from Images? Answered

Is it considered acceptable to have a post that shows people how to remove a watermark from an image?
Is this not an illegal thing to do?
One would think that the watermark is there because the Artist considers his/her image their exclusive right unless paid for.
see here.....


This is a great topic for discussion.

Picasso said "Good artists copy, great artists steal", and if you don't steal others art (meaning the ideas) then you are probably being stolen from. The rationale behind a watermark is to ensure that the artist is given credit or a monetary sum in exchange for their work. As an artist myself, I would expect no less if anyone were to use my work. That said, there is a place for using someone else's work as a stepping stone for your own. There's a great article about artists and copyrights here.

I don't condone blind theft, but I do understand that sharing media makes more and better media. There's also a big difference between removing a watermark and vecotrizing an image to use in your laser cutter project and ripping off the work, passing it off as your own and making a profit. The difference comes in how you apply what you are doing. That lies with you, the artist.

This is a sticky subject with plenty of weight on both sides of the argument. However, as an artist that has had my inventions, ideas, words and work ripped off countless times, I can say it's more flattering than annoying. 

It may not be illegal but it isn't right. That doesn't prevent someone from trying to remove it and sharing there ideas.

What is being shared is the way to remove a protection icon from an artist owned image.
If that doesn't show how to perform an illegal act I don't know what does.
If not against "Instructables" rules How come?
The loser in this instructable is the original owner of the image, sad I think.

There is always the "flag" button. You can choose the "inappropriate" option, then, if HQ agree, the project will be removed.