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Removing an almost completely stripped screw? Answered

Pretty much what the title says, its quick a small screw too (in length) and I've tried quite a few methods online, such as placing a rubberband in the screw head and using a larger screw bit and a hammer.

The head is almost completely stripped and the screwdriver gets like 5% grip.

Any tips? D:




Best Answer 5 years ago

I am guessing that your saying the head is stripped and not the threads. Ta Da, I made an instructable on fixing that problem.

I'll give you the best answer because I used your method and it worked like a charm!

So simple, yet never crossed my mind. Thankyou.


5 years ago

a way that we did it is get a little grinder with a small circle edge bit. i totally forget what all this is called but its a little hand held drill. so cut into the screw a bit to make a star or line design in it. basically making a new design in it. then you use a normal screw driver and take it out.

lol, this happened to my friend at college the other day (except on a car XD)
what we had to do was use a hacksaw to cut off the end of the bot where the screw was and then pull it out from the other side, however i don't think you can get to the other side of the screw your talking about so this wont work for you :(
i think your best bet would be to try what Vyger said, and if that messes up, then try the extractor thingy s that blkhawk showed you.
once again i have tought nobody anything XD

You don't say where the screw is. Is it in metal ? plastic ? Trapped down a 6" hole ? On the surface ? Do you mean the HEAD is stripped, or the thread ?

For that sort of screw problem I've used a small pair of wire cutters.  Hold them vertically and squeeze so they bite into the sides of the screw head, then twist.
After a couple of turns you should be able to get a pair of grippy pliers on there and do the rest - twist and pull..  (Don't use your best pair of cutters for this #;¬)

When I had that I used a drill-press to destroy the screw, well, i can't put any new screw the same size in there anymore, i had to use a slightly bigger one

The above are probably better suggestions if you have the tools. If the head is sticking up from the surface, I often just use vice grips 90 degrees off the axis of the screw. Tighten it way down on the screw head and then turn the vice grips to loosen.

You need a screw extractor that works with a power drill.

Screw extractor set