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Removing car vinyl decal glue Answered

I got a used car from the local electric company's auction and for a long time I didn't care about the glue left on the door.  But I have an idea for a custom paintjob that I would like to do but the residue from the very poorly removed company vinyls is in the way.  I tried to use goo-b-gone but it barely worked at all, even when I was using a buffer to simulate extra elbow grease.  Are there any other ways to get the stuff off short of removing the paint?


Thanks, guys. I'll have to try those.

I understood that the pros use a heat gun. If you don't have one, you can use a hairdryer. Once heated, you need to use a squeegee to get under and scrape it off. Then, if any glue residue is left, use acetone.

If you're doing a new paint-job, why not just sand it off?

You'll need to sand the paint anyway as part of prepping the surface.