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Renovating Old Photographs. Answered

I have some old photographs slides which I have scanned and now have digital copies of them, some of them are well over 40 years old and the colour has deteriorated as would be expected. The main problem is that many of these have taken on a blue/purple cast, see example, does anyone know if their is a way that I an reduce this blueness please? And, yes, that is a very young me at my wedding in 1969!  I do not have Photoshop but I do have Pixelmator which is a similar application. Thanks for any help.

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gmoon (author)2013-07-06

I don't know Pixelmator, but it probably includes tools similar to Photoshop, so let's stick to generalities...

-- Look at a color wheel (CMYK) to find the approximate complementary color. The complement will be on the opposite side of the wheel. Then use a color balance tool to boost the color that's likely missing in your aged images. Too blue? Check the wheel--yellow is the complement. Add some yellow to the image. A shift to purple might require adding a little green with the yellow, too.

-- Try an "autocolor" tool, if Pixelmator has one. This will be hit-or-miss, because the correction will be dependent on the colors in the particular image, will of course will vary with subject matter.

-- Look for any color adjustment tools that let you "Set Gray Point" --it's usually an eyedropper type of tool. Place that selector on any object in the photo that should be neutral color (white, grey, or black), and it will recolor the entire image accordingly.

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Allsop (author)gmoon2013-07-06

Thanks for this, thati is very helpful.

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Allsop (author)2013-07-05

Sorry, photo does not seem to have loaded, but you get the idea of what I want to do.

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