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Repair Palm TX hard buttons? Answered

While (unsuccessfully) trying to fix the on-off switch per instructables.com suggestions, I ended up losing the function of two of my hard buttons and my 5-way directional switch!  Does anyone have any idea what might have happened and how I might get them back?  It's a great PDA, but having just two remaining buttons and a stylus really cramps my style.



Can you point the instructable out ? I guess you've damaged a track on the board somehow.

Thanks for the reply.  It was the instructable by tyler_durden, and it involved taking off the tiny power switch, cleaning it out, reassembling and resoldering it.  I hope it wasn't damage to the board, because I still want to fix it myself.  I thought I might have messed up one of the plug-ins when I reassembled the unit.  Does the one in the center at the bottom of the board control the hard buttons?

I think its board damage, sorry. The power switch does the power, and shouldn't do anything else, but there are probably tracks nearby that DO affect the switches.

Its a microscope job, take a good look around - use a webcam focussed VERY close


i'm gonna guess that the ible told you how to re-carbonized the contact pads. There are pro level coatings for doing this maintenance step, but they're difficult to find. My guess is that the ible circumvents this by suggesting graphite or similar. If so, you may just have to pop it open and touch up the bad keys.