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Repairing my Coby LEDTV2326. I think I found the problem. How can I fix this? Answered

My Coby TV won't turn on anymore. The blue LED turns on when it's plugged it but it won't power on. 

When I took it apart, I found burns (?) on the circuit board. They seem to correspond with the IC chip shown in the second picture, which is under a heat sink. Is this likely the problem? If so, how do I replace it properly (including getting the right chip and gluing the heat sink back on)? If not, what could it be? The fuse? It seems to still be getting power so I doubt that. 


i have a temporay fix using a hair dryer and blowing it on the vent we have the same model of coby led. the blue light will stop flickering it took me 3 mins to on the tv. then press the menu instead of the power button it will eventually turn on then after an hour or 30mins will do power off using the tv power button then turn it on again in order that the remote will function.use a 110v transformer.

You don't replace the chip. That is probably the main video processor. You would need to replace the entire board. Chances are the board is not readily available. If you do find one you would probably be better off buying a new TV.

A chip like that isn't going to be available on it's own and you would need special tools and the skills to properly desolder the old chip and solder the new one in properly. That is a surface mount chip. All the solder joints you see on the bottom of the board are vias, spots on the board that penetrate through all the layers of the board to supply power and ground. These boards have multiple layers to them and if the solder joint doesn't reach all the way through the area it needs too then it won't work.

Looks like you can find the boards on ebay. But there is a good chance this same thing will happen again. So look at what you can do to help prevent the TV from overheating.

Stick a fan on the heatsink looks favourite. Bad design there I think.
That is a "BGA" chip. They're only replaceable with VERY special tools.