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Replacement solar light kit? Answered

I have a decorative garden light I am very fond of, but the solar charger/led light  is no longer working.  We tried switching out the batteries with new solar rechargeables but that didn't help.  I'm game for replacing the whole thing, charger, light, sensor and all, but haven't been able to find replacement kits anywhere.  The current unit uses one small solar panel about 3 x 4 inches and two AA batteries with one LED.  Clearly I'm not searching for the right words.



Actually, this wasn't an inexpensive fixture. I had it out front on our deck, and the neighbour's kids, in a basketball game run amok, knocked it over. It hasn't worked since. I just didn't think any part of it could be repaired, hence was going to replace the whole unit.

I do have a VOM. Guess this is as good a time as any to start learning the basics of electronics.


I'd suggest looking at the connections on the unit first. I've seen some cheap lights that the sub-par soldering comes apart on them after they been out in the weather for a while. You get what you pay for most times.

.  Finding repair parts for things that only cost a few dollars is going to be difficult - not many ppl are going to pay $2 for a part to fix a $3 light. I'd buy the cheapest solar light I could find and use the guts in the old one.
.  "solar light repair kit", "solar light repair parts", "solar light maintenance"
.  If you have a VOM, check the continuity of the LED. If it is bad, it should be easy and cheap to replace.