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Replacing a disposable camera capacitor with a bigger one what would it do?? how about a (6V) bike? Answered

Function and application of capacitors; what to use for high and low voltage applications, what to use for the bike?



9 years ago

(Too little space to ask a proper question)...

1 A disposable camera circuit has this 300V capacitor in it. In a computer power supply are larger capacitors on the input side (=220V). I was wondering what the effect of replacing the capacitor with the bigger one would be (maybe I just have to try...).

The 2nd question is about using one or the other capacitor in a bike light I am building, to make it stay on while waiting for traffic lights etc. Would the flash capacitor work, even if it is designed for a higher voltage?

As lemonie says: The cap from a camera is 300+ volts. The flash needs these to ...energize the xenon and ...flash... 6 volts wouldn't touch it. If you applied 6 volts the the camera's normal dc power input (1.5 volts) it might explode. Who knows. What something about a bike?

Bike? I wouldn't mess with this, as it's been designed with the right components. L