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Replacing led with mouse? Answered

i won a  mouse on ebay for $0.01. now i am annoyed with the red led due to the mouse transparency. i want to know if i can swap the red led with an infrared led just to get rid of the red light and still has the same performance

By the way. there was another blue led in it that i chopped out without hesitation.

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jonanoBest Answer (author)2011-08-05

check this out...

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Vyger (author)2011-08-06

I feel sorry for the seller. After he pays the eBay fees and pay pal fees he is going to owe for selling the item. They would have been money ahead to throw it away.

Wrap it in aluminum foil so you can't see the red.
Wear blue tinted glasses to block the red light.
Wear red tinted glasses so everything looks red.
If your color blind it will look white and you won't notice.
Give it away as a gift and no one will ever know your dumping cheap stuff that you don't want.
Learn to like red.
Paint it with blue or black nail polish.

You would have to change the receiver also because they are usually tuned to each other. A IR led probably would not be able to be picked up by the sensor.

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ARJOON (author)Vyger2011-08-07

Did you grow in a kitchen???

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orksecurity (author)2011-08-05

And here I was hoping that this was a question about how to wire up a small furry creature so it would glow...

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ARJOON (author)orksecurity2011-08-07

LOL!!! i was in a hurry when i was typing this question. it should have been replacing the led which is in a mouse

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