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Reply Button Doesn't work, neither does the instructables per page Answered


Just want to let you guys know that on the MAC (Chrome and Safari) the reply button does not work. I have to refresh the page a whole bunch of times before it works. 
Also, in Safari, the instructables per page (15, 30, 60, 90) does not work. It only shows 15 per page, and I can't change it.



would that be after midnight pacific time I have the same trouble however it clears up by 4 am pacific time.

The servers get backed up, and updates applied, at midnight PST.

Kind of figured that, that’s why I asked Pacific time, I am central time so there is a 3 hour difference.

There's an 8-hour difference here - makes breakfast browsing a bit of a pain.

Yep know what you mean I get up at 2am clear my Emails answer my fan mail and business mail and then go to my writing sights then Instructables and get frustrated.

Try clearing your cache and logging back in.

That's the first thing I do. Still doesn't work.

Can you please let me know your browser, OS and any other information (like where you see this error, where you don't) so we can try and replicate it on our end?

Read the origanal question. I have the lastest OS for MAC

Read the original question. I have the lastest OS for MAC. I works better in chrome then Safari. I can't ever get it to work in safari. Safari also won't let me select the instructables per page.

Here (windows 7, ie v9, ff v.19) I have the same problem. The reply button doesn't work, because the spamchecker don't show up underneath the reply section. The spamcheker only shows on top of the page underneath the "new comment" section.