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Reporting plagarism: Arduino Hydroponics Answered


It has recently come to my attention that an instructable here was blatently plagiarized from one of my previous projects, and in fact actually won an award.

The instructable in question is: https://www.instructables.com/id/Hyduino-Automated-Hydroponics-with-an-Arduino/

Proof that it ripped off my project can be found here; my original forum post here goes back to 2012, the instructable in question here was posted November 2014: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=130344.180 

My repository containing my code on github: https://github.com/BillieBricks/Billie-s-Hydroponic-Controller/blob/master/HydroponicControllerV1.1.0

The code from the instructable in question: https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FSR/83MH/I2G1F678/FSR83MHI2G1F678.ino

The code is mine, line for line, with the exception that the plagiarizing author in question removed my comment at the top with my name as the author.

I tried to contact the author, but my messages went ignored and the comments on his instructable page were flagged and deleted.  The author in his instructable says "Big thanks to BillieBricks for working out a lot of the code," but in fact the entirety of the code is simply ripped straight off from my project, along with the ideas and implimentation.

My desired outcome would be to either see this instructable removed, or to have the author include that the entire project be credited to me, rather than stealing credit for something they didn't do.  Thank you,



What licence is the code on GitHub under ? If its GPL'ed, the offending author has published all the code and named you as the writer.

There was no license associated with my code. The author mentions me, but in a way that he takes almost full credit for the project. I would like to be properly recognized as the project being fully my idea (and adapted to whatever he did, or something).

As I understand the terms of posting code on GitHub, members are allowed to use code published by others to their own means, known as "forking". As I read the page you link to, your code has been forked at least eight times (it may have been forked on pages other than the original).

Just by posting your code on GitHub, you gave tacit permission for others to use it for their own projects.

So, austinsimonson has committed no offence by using your code. However, the removal of your copyright notice, and the implication that he contributed in some way to the content of the code is a significant issue. As Caitlinsdad suggests, you need to contact service@instructables.com about this, with the full details you have included in the OP.

I suggest you email service@instructables.com with the contents of this forum topic. The staff will respond to you there. Good luck.