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Request: Can anyone make a folding/fold-able scythe you just flick out like a meter stick ruler? Answered

Just like the link... Kind of Badass
What does he mean on how he made: 
''With fat cartboard (0.11 inch / 3 mm) and for cuting the cartboard I used a Universal scissors
For the joints I used to iron bolt and disc...''
Can someone make a flick scythe that folds? 
The people who carry these: Death god, Thanatos, Grim reaper etcetera
It has to be simple and made out of thick/fat/hard cardboard or foam board.



5 years ago

Make one yourself, its ridiculously easy. Its works on the same principle as a folding pocket knife.

I know right? ( ̄ー ̄) But my question would also be: How does the blade/end stop at a point of 120-90 degrees at least or it might just go like a regular pocket knife and end up at 180 degrees when I do it

I saw a cool scythe in one of the Grimm episodes. One of the Reapers opened his luggage in a motel room and deployed this cool scythe like a switchblade. Awesome!

Yeah... Kind of ( ̄ー ̄)...
I'm doing this because in my school it's English week next week and I think I can make it... I'm just trying for now.... If anyone knows a better way tell me!