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Request: How to build a intranet Answered

Can some one please post how to build a intranet I am desperate to learn how to build one for my house can you please post if you know how to build one :) Thanks Chris.


In other words... Get a router... Install the router... Whah-la! Intranet!

You can set up the router (using mac addresses) so that even though a client uses dhcp, it will always have the same ip address. No need to set up systems with static ip address. The router will also do the name resolution.


10 years ago

I'm sure several folks here are networking gurus, but I'll give a little info to start:

I'd use a router with a built in DHCP server, as most computers will be setup for dynamic IP addresses. The router will generally be setup to grant a series of Class C network addresses (for instance thorough .) This particular Class C address is private, and cannot exist on the wider internet proper (only through a gateway address.)

This network has a subnet mask of, which means that the shared network address is the first three #s, and the last # is the machine address.

Once the network is functional, you can add a webserver (Apache) to one of the computers on the network. Access that server by the IP address of that machine ( or add an entry to the 'hosts' file of each computer-- server.mynet

to access by a host name.

You can add file serving capabilities (Samba, etc.) Email on a local network is a little trickier, but there are newer and easier programs than sendmail. Even if you setup up a local mailserver, it's unlikely you'll be able to send mail outside the system--most ISPs don't like you running a local mailserver (spam issues.)

You can do this with a switch (instead of the router) also, but you'll have to supply a static address for each computer. Using a static address for the webserver is a good idea even with DHCP, as the server will always be in the same place. Most routers leave space for static address on a local network.

. Great answer! Not quite enough info/explanation for an iBle, but a great forum post.

Thanks! (What's an iBle? Sounds vaguely Mac-ish...)

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