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Request: Light up wall switches Answered

I was wanting to know if anyone has made anything like this wall. 


If so, please let me know how. I'd really like to make one. 


Neat project. It ain't gonna be cheap unless you stumble across a big surplus bargain.

Links say 5,000 rocker switches. Need to wire them up in parallel to a power supply that can light them all up when all in on position.

Any idea how to power it/ wire them in parallel?

I know that it will probably sound silly, but I don't want to under or over power it.

Those may be automotive type or electronics panel or household current indicator light up switches. They should also be of the indicator ON type and not constant light when powered. You need to look at the specs for one to see how they are connected to power/ground. Wiring in parallel is hooking them all up to a common power buss. Depending on what is in the switch, an LED or neon bulb, you can add up the current draw based on testing with a multimeter or looking at the datasheet and figure out how big a power supply you need. Good luck.