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Request for feature- Photos in PM's Answered

I think it would be really nice if You could send images to other people via PM. This would be useful if you want to show a project to one or 2 people, and dont want others to see until its posted. There has been many a time where a lot didnt get done for us because we couldnt PM images. Also, looking in the community blog forum, it would really many people.




9 years ago

People use PMs? o_o

I use them albeit rarely, perhaps once or twice per month

You can pm links to images.

well, Its kind of a pain to make the link clickable, and how do you get the links in the first place?

> Its kind of a pain to make the link clickable . Copying and pasting a URL is a pain? And I thought I was lazy. . > how do you get the links in the first place? . Bring up the pic in your browser (it doesn't have to be on Ibles) and the URL is in the address bar. Same with every browser I've used.

nono, if you just post the link without formatting, it shows up as text.

. As LR points out, if you will use a fully-formed URL, it will be clickable.
. If you meant that a pic doesn't show up, you're right. That's just the way it works. Now we wait to see if Robot likes your idea. It sounds like a good one to me.
. Even if inline pics were not available in "regular" PMs, it would be a very nice feature (along with the maillists that have been mentioned) for collaborations.

. Come to think of it, pics in "regular" PMs is probably not a good idea. I shudder to think of the legal implications of SPAMmers sending porn/drug/&c; pics to minors (from what I can tell, a large part of our audience). I don't want to see Robot become somebody's girlfriend in prison. . Shouldn't be a problem with collabs.

ya, i was thinging about pictures in pms, and then that came to my mind. i would rather not be spammed with words and pictures...


9 years ago

And to be able to send a PM to multiple people.