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Requesting R/C mod Answered

Hey all, I recently started looking into modding some of the stuff i have lying around and i came across an old mini r/c car that are only about an inch long. (see photos) Anyways i got down into it, but i really don't know what i'm doing, i was just wondering if anyone could come up with a mod for it. so far i've managed to hook the little r/c car to a plug so that it had a constant electric supply, which kinda defeats it's purpose, but was good to figure out anyways i thought. Thanks! (despite the fact i googled for the image and took one of the first 5, this actually is the exact model i have. surprisingly convenient, thanks google!)



7 years ago

You can try this! It would most likey work!!

U could add a capicitor and it would be a turbo.....but idk how to do it...and you would probably burn out your motor!

well, you could try adding lights to it, you know, headlights,taillights,etc.