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Requesting ideas to build a sauna or mini sweat lodge Answered

I know i can't be the only person to want to build my own sauna?! I've seen some online but the quality looks dodgy for the price... so i thought i would throw the idea out there and see if it was possible! I wanted to try and sew together that reflective material that is a blanket for emergencies with a small foldout chair inside with a small ceramic heater (is the heater safe? or is there a better alternative heater out there). What do you guys think? how can i tweak this to better or improve upon design! All suggestions would be helpful!!


hey Goodhart... i just like getting a good sweat every once in a while (i hate the idea of all sitting in the gym, dont know how well things are cleaned etc.) Hey Patrik, im looking for something to build that is fairly small maybe something that can either sit on a patio (apt deck) or in a corner of a room. it could be as involved as the wood one or as portable as the little sitting body tent from above photos.


10 years ago

Are you aiming for an indoor or outdoor sauna - and what size?

I am not overly familiar with "heated" saunas, but I do know they can cause problems in several circumstances.

A local hotel has a sauna room and a personal sauna area, but guests are forbidden to use it as local regulations require so many types of safety equipment to be installed, as well as a whopping insurance bill.

Apparently the heat can possibly cause hyperthermia

what kind of door is that? What was he thinking about using for the heat source. My main hangup over trying this is the heater... i want to use something marginally safe :)

My dad wanted to build one with dented steel covered doors(the foam core type) that he bough at menards for a dollar each.