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Require wiring diagram for a usb mouse? Answered

Hi, i have a genius usb mouse(Model "GM-03023U Made in china), its cable near the usb male end got cut off and i could'nt trace the connections back to the circuit board. It has 5 wires from the circuit board. the cable can be plugged off from the circuit borad and can be replaced with a new cable. but i can't find such a cable. so can any one help me how to solder the wires to a usb connector?

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Burf (author)2012-01-31
jaga0692 (author)Burf2014-01-09

sorry for very late reply. thanks for your answer, but i need to know which wire from pcb is usb +ve, -ve, data +ve, data -ve.
i know the regular usb 2.0 pinouts, but i dont know what pin is what in the pcb.

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