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Resource for LEDs Answered

Can someone please give me a resource to a place to buy LEDs? I really want some to learn how to work with them.


Here is a good place to buy leds from. They arent overly bright but they are cheap.


9 years ago

Hi there Guys, I have a project that i like to do , i kinda have a clue ..
but i need help in understanding how it works ,
i,m trying to find a power supply for a 800 or 500 led
that i want to make i believe it going to be in parallel
this is the spec for the led

5mm (T1-3/4) LED. Transparent, Non diffused case. 660nM, 690mCd Min. output. Max forward current 20mA continuous. Max Forward Drop: 2.0V, Max reverse Voltage =5VDC.
1" leads

and the next is find the right resistors , does all the led need a resistor parallel?

thanks for your help ..

Hi all, I'm working on some LED projects thanks to all the great instructables found here. One i'm working on now is a simple sign. But i'm wondering about the design and colors. Can anyone recommend software to help me visualize my design? Or do i just need to use photoshop or something like it.

Although Irfanview is a little more basic, I have used it also along with Gimp for quick changes.

WOW! thanks guys/girls that all replied that is amazing! (especially how many people replied!)

No that's 85p and is in the UK

well if you only need like 1 or 2 then radioshack, but if you need mor an online supplier is best.

wow,LED are rapidly use in many fields recently. But different parameters has different usage. So you need make clear that which parameter do you want? Basic parameters Chip:cree,silan,AXT,taiwan etc Type: round,oval,hat,square,etc Color:Red,blue,gree,yellow,etc Wave length: it depends on the color,or it decide the color you want; etc. Wish you good luck

Check ebay - http://tinyurl.com/ou34pc.

I found packs of 100, any color - $5.99 shipping included. Some even include resistors as well.

I've ordered from one of these dealers before and was not disappointed.

For a supplier, we have our very own - Phenoptix runs a business supplying LEDs from his garden shed.

Thanks Kiteman, I've been after a UK supplier that isn't Maplin! The problem with most of these is you need to buy in larger quantities! I only want 5 LEDS!!!

rapid eletronics are in the uk as well and are very cheap!!! you can buy them in any quantity you want and my orders arrived in 2 days!!! ( btw i do not work for rapid) i personally think maplin is a ripoff and they dont have such a great selection!!!!

Thanks for the plug! It's all about the sheds by the way...

When I got my shed, and started using it properly, I invented a new term - shedly. I go outside to do shedly things.


9 years ago

I no were you can get them at for only 86 cents if you want them thin I will give you the website

you could have just given the web adress in that comment.

digikey.com and electronic goldmine (goldmine-elec.com)

if you dont want to pay take apart dead electronic equiment and rip the leds out of them, since the stuff is broken, theres no need to be gentle!


9 years ago

Try Radio Shack, or get them out of a cheap toy, You'll need resistors too.

Resistors allow only the right voltage to enter the LED, if you have a 3v LED powered by 2 new AA Battery's then the LED will burn out, resistors stop that. (Remember that the resistor always goes on the positive terminal)


but can't you just use a 3V button cell?

Batteries have a characteristic known as "internal impedance", which can be most simply described as a resistor internal to the battery. Battery internal impedance depends on battery size, physical construction, and chemistry. The size, physical construction, and chemistry of button cells leads to them having high internal resistance - i.e. the resistor you need for typical 5mm LEDs is basically built into typical 3V button cells. Larger batteries with different construction/chemistries will have much lower internal impedance and require a resistor.

It depends upon the cell and the LED. It is usually best to limit current to preserve the LED for long service. Works well for an hour and the dies, is when you start thinking "maybe I should have?" L

The power consumption of the led's or resistors has to equal the power coming out of the battery, or you will overburden your LED. Therefore, if the battery is 9 volt, and your LED uses 1.5, you have to either put 6 LED's in a row, or put in a resistor equal to those other five LED's.

Yes, I am familiar with these things. Not too sure what you're saying to me? L

I was just trying to answer why resistors are needed in a circuit with a battery that has a larger output than that for which the LED is rated.

Sorry - you were adding to the discussion rather than telling me something specifically, yes I see it. Thanks L

Yeah when i use button cells i dont use resistors, works fine!

Specifically the resistor will limit the current going through the LED. You will need specific resistor values depending on your setup. There are some http://ledcalculator.net/ that can help you with that.

You can buy LEDs (radio shack) with resistors built in that usually run off 5 or 12v too if you want.

AllElectronics has a good selection of things for tinkerers too.

Resistor can go on either, it doesn't really matter. L

Look up "light emitting diode" in Wikipedia, and read about them. Then look up "resistor".

But he is looking for a reliable site that has been tested from other makers. A question that only a person can answer.

Awesomeness...I've been looking for a place to get stuff like this from for a while. Thanks to everyone who posted information and thanks to the person who started this thread.

A partial list from Model Railroader Magazine. All but one are in the United States. Prices vary. Many carry more than LEDs. Company name then address. All Electronics - www.allelectronics.com Circuitron - www.circuitron.com Evan Designs - www.modeltrainsoftware.com Gebr. Faller GmbH - www.faller.de Ngineering - www.ngineering.com Parts Express - www.parts-express.com Ram Track - www.ramrcandramtrack.com Scale Shops - scaleshops.com

Another place to get LED's in the states is http://www.SurplusGizmos.com

Lots of other nifty stuff as well from ultrasonic sensors to industrial parts and everything in between.

Mike <><

8000mcd 5mm Red LED Quantity : 1000pcs price: $25.00 from the LEDsoppe.com


9 years ago

just ask


9 years ago

I got a nice assortment of red, yellow, orange, green and even 4 ir ones from http://www.jameco.com it was one of their student grab bags they sell, 100 assorted for $7.95 US, they have a nice grab bag for LED displays also. I now have more LEDs than I have projects for em, though I did buy 100 bright white from an ebay store so I can make some solar garden lights all one color.

Yes! Jameco is a great place to get LEDs if you know what you want.