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Retractable door screen Answered


It's just coming on to nice warm weather here in Australia and the flies are pretty bad. We have an odd situation with our front door in that there's this wooden beam supporting part of the roof that comes across low. This makes it impossible to have a screen door that opens outward (the main door opens inward). My son suggested that we get some sort of retractable screen, but they are so $$.
Does anyone know of instructions for how to make your own? Perhaps something that retracts on a vertical roller on one side and when open, it seals tight on the other side with a magnet strip.


There's a product called Magic Mesh. It's attached around the door frame, but splits down the middle and is joined by magnets. It looks really simple to make. Google it for a Youtube vid.

Good, Magic mesh is really a good choice! It costs more than the average product but it is really worth the price considering its proven effectiveness. It is made up of an extremely light and translucent material that lets air in while keeping bugs out of the home. I would say that it is is for everyone who has ever wanted a no fuss screen that can cover doors without having to shell out a ton of cash for customized doors that can permanently alter frames.

retractable screen repair

I was looking at the Magic Mesh product and a lot of the reviews made it look like it wasn't a very good product. Have anyone tried it yet?

Hi folks,
Sorry for the delay in replying to everyone that contributed ideas for my question. This is my first time and I'm very impressed with this great website!!!
Thank you! Thank you. Thank you.
I think we'll mull over the ideas and figure out what we're going to do in the coming weeks.
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It sounds like a great product, until you read the reviews on amazon:


I'll bet you could make your own version out of sturdier materials. It is a great idea, just poorly excecuted by this manufacturer.

My parents faced a similar situation while I was living with them. They wanted to prevent the flies and bugs from the adjoining orchard to not get in, but they didn't want to install a whole new door system.

They purchased some screen (enough to cover the door, plus a couple inches on each side), some grommets, and a length of steel bar that is the same length as the screen from one of those over-sized home improvement cities.

They placed the grommets in the corners of the screen, and put two screws in the top corners of the door opening that would fit into the grommets.

On the opposite side of the screen, the metal bar was attached.

Every time they wanted to leave the door open, they just attached the screen, and the metal bar held it in place. Afterwards, they just rolled it up and stuck it in the closet until they needed it again.

I should seriously pre-read before posting. Lemme fix that second sentence.

"...the flies and bugs from the adjoining orchard to get in,"


Do you have room for one to slide to the side? If so, that would probably be easier.

oops, my goof! I meant to clarify that it would go side-to-side. Yes, I do have space for one to slide to the side. I didn't mean a roller that comes vertically down in front. That would be too tricky for kids to get in and out. thanks.

I think the way to go is like a sliding closet door, on an overhead track with little wheels on the bottom. To keep the flies from coming in the edges, maybe a fringe of brush-bristle-like material around the edges. For that part I'd visit a craft store with an eye to repurposing something - maybe holiday garland of some sort?