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Reusable Invitations.(Especially for Indians) Answered

At least in India, people generally print around 100 to 2000 invitations for marriages or such ceremonies. This is usually a simple sheet or a single fold sheet like that of greeting card. Guadier ones can have more folds. The front of the folded sheet usually has a Image of a God and OR or a simple painting of a marriage parade. On the Inside are a tonne of details. (The bride, the groom, the Venue, the date, Timings, a small list of well wishers, etc.

And after all this, the only use of this beautiful piece of art made of cards made out of wood /bamboo are wasted the day the ceremony commences and ends. My idea is that making them into usable items during production itself would be a great idea . Think of it .

Invitations that expand to become a tabletop foldable calendar, with the back of the invitation having (Even the ceremony could be marked nicely)..
An empty slot which can be used to turn it into a photo decorator/fantasyfier..

Those are the two ideas I can come up right now. If you can come up with more, please do post.


If the front is done well enough, they could be recycled as simply art pieces (normally though, they would mean each would have a unique impression on it, and that seems like a lot of work, maybe...)

Make them edible? L

Though I am not looking for ideas where dramatic changes are required in the process of creating them, I like the whackyness of the idea. But also, it will be very much less feasible as the invitations are mass posted to several relatives and friends. It also gave me one more idea. Usually, at these type of ceremonies, complementary carry home sweets are given at the end (usually at the exit). These are given in either cardboard boxes or plastic boxes. So, if the invitations can be made into collapsible cardboard boxes, it can be used to carry the sweets home.

Yes, that's a good idea - box templates should be easy to find. L