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Reusable To-Go Food Containers Answered

I've been thinking of this idea for a while now. Everyone is using those reusable shopping bags these days, so why not design a reusable, resealable and collapsible to go container? I say collapsible so that when you're not using it, it can be stored in a purse and not take up a lot of room.


i just reuse like cottage cheese containers and potato salad containers... im eco friendly :D

Part of the problem with food containers is cleaning them. Plastic bags fit your description, but they're a sod to clean. Anything that folds will have practical problems associated with it, but this type of thing isn't entirely non-existant (classical collapsible-cup) L


I have one of them, they're pretty handy but I wouldn't says it's the most practical thing, fine for anything that won't go sticky but that's about it.

Actually it came with a pocket sized hip flask... My mother gave me the oddest presents...

Right about the time I became 18, the Boy Scout version of the cup had started to be made of plastic. After about 2 - 3 uses, it would wear thin in areas and started to leak. Anything other then just plain water in them, made a mess of horrible proportions, even if it did NOT leak, as cleaning them was trouble with a capital T ;-)

Even the metal ones go, mines not leaky but it has trouble staying extended... shouldn't be happening at my age

Cleaning it's fine if it's been left popped out but that defeats the collapsible bit for half the journey...

Have you guys seen these?




I wonder when they're going to get smart and start making regular bowls and cups with them?


9 years ago

I like the idea of having them collapsible, my lunch containers take up too much room in my purse, I hate lugging them home.

As Lemonie was pointing out collapsible is a bit problem. The cup he pictured had gone plastic at one point or another, and they are virtually worthless for holding liquids after a use or two.

I think they have those, its called tupperware. ha ha