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Reverse Engineering TheseCeramic Speakers Answered

I recently found these extremely minimalistic speakers online and after repeated failed attempts of trying to figure where to get the materials to make my own (or at least where to get the ceramic cones) I was wondering if anyone here could offer me some guidance on how I could go about building my own similar speakers.  I would love to buy these speakers myself whereas they are a work of art to me, but sadly to a kid in college $500 is an entire year's worth of ramen noodles.  Thanks for all the help in advance. 

Here is a link to the official web page and in case it's broken I included a picture of the speakers below.



those are very nice speakers! Best luck is to find the driver's first like Daniel ZF says Then you can figure out the size the enclosure needs to be. Maybe you can find some plastic one's

I dont get the high price, 1050 bucks with subwoofer?
And well thhey dont have that much of a high output at 15w.
Ill search on my local store to see what i can get and try to help im also interested in the looks.

Spray paint the inside of a lab flask? Or the outside? Hi gloss!! If you do figure out how to make these, tell me!!!

Cookware shops and IKEA but get your speakers first or bring a ruler with you...

Also there are lamps that are a very similar shape to that, the shades that is, they're made of glass rather than ceramic.

The rest of the build looks relatively simple...  

 ..they are not just for silly hats anymore.

.  Judging by the pics at his web site, those are just porcelain ceramic funnels - but I can't find anything that looks like those at labware sites. :(


They might have been hacked from white lab flasks.  It might be tricky trying to drill out the hole for the speaker without cracking the glass.  Maybe you can find a similar flower vase or even have a pottery maker make on from scratch.  Good luck.

Just make them out of regular clear pyrex labware.  You can then see the electronics and wiring in the speaker which is way cooler, just like them Apple speakers.