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Reverse batik painting? Answered

I was looking through trying to rediscover how to do an art project I did years ago in school. Maybe if I describe it to you, you could very briefly tell me how to recreate what I did. I would be so appreciative--I really want to recreate this project, but I'm unsure how. The assignment was the creation of a painting that was, for lack of a better despcription, like a reverse batik. We were supposed to leave negative-space borders along every contour of every figure and then we painted over the whole thing with black. When dry, we gently rinsed off the black paint and I was very pleased with the outcome. Over the years, however, I've misplaced my piece, and I forget: what kind of paint is best to use? I have some gouache at home, will this do? I would really appreciate just the briefest of responses from you, and then I can get to painting! I'm so excited because I haven't made a painting in years!

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zarp3333 (author)2012-02-24

There is a method using CLEAR Elmers School Glue. You:
1. make the design with the glue
2. let it dry
3. dip it in the dye
4. rinse it
5. the glue washes out during the laundry cycle

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